My name is Sophie Perry and I am a journalist and writer. 

Areas of journalistic interest: 

  • Arts and culture, particularly theatre and live performance
  • Women’s issues, experiences and history
  • LGBTQ+ issues, experiences and history, particularly contemporary lesbian culture

About me: 

  • I currently work as a Digital Journalist for Newsquest, covering news, stories and creating content for their titles in Oxfordshire. My role sees me deliver localised digital content which is optimised for search engines and social media with the aim of engaging audiences.  
  • On the side, I also work as a freelance writer for Unite UK, a Birmingham-based LGBTQ+ platform with global reach.
  • I am an NCTJ-accredited journalist with skills in shorthand, video creation, graphic and data visualisation as well as an in-depth understanding of media law and ethics. 
  • I am proud to say I was one of a small number of students awarded full-funding from the Journalism Diversity Fund for my NCTJ studies. 
  • I have bylines on 22 different publications, I just love freelancing ok? 
  • I hold a Masters degree from King’s College London in Contemporary Literature, Culture and Theory. My dissertation explored the complex relationship between the ‘diversity discourse’, an anti-discrimination measure, buisness goal and moralistic imperative, and colonial-age notions of difference. It focused on how the language of ‘diversity’ – although well meaning – unconsciously reinforce white, Western-centric ideologies of racial hierarchy and difference. 
  • I have a First-Class Honours degree from Brunel University London in Theatre and English. My dissertation explored how the fiction of John Green attempts to expose the Manic Pixie Dream Girl character type as a sexist construction of male fantasy, destabilising it as a gendered role and performance. Instead, Green’s work inadvertently perpetuates the character type to impressionable adolescent readers.